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    Post by Kaitlyn the Boss-chan on July 7th 2013, 12:13 pm

       As any demon can tell you, most of the supernatural breeds are as attracted to humans as humans are to, say, a cabinet. An interesting curio, something that may hold sentimental value, but nothing they would ever dream of having relations with.
       Wizards, however, are a completely different story.
       Demons love wizards; how clever they are and how demonic they act, how they’re always strides ahead of their fellows in the thought department and how gracefully they go about casting their powerful magicks.
       Dante Blackheart was a demon.
       Ryslind Wendelson was a wizard.
       It was only a matter of time before the former began to look at the latter as a different kind of tasty morsel.
       That, and the fact that Ryslind even looked demonic. With those glowing red eyes and that soft, velvet-black hair… oh, Dante fairly purred every time he looked at the young wizard. Such fantasies he had of that pretty young man.
       Not that Ryslind would ever let him act on those fantasies. As far as he could tell, the wizard was straight as an arrow, whereas Dante went after whoever his heard desired, regardless of the differences between himself and his quarry.
       The most he could ever do was attach himself to the pretty wizard’s soul with a deal and hope to steal a kiss every now and then when his human slept. That in itself was becoming troublesomely hard to do now, though.
       Ever since Ryslind’s brother had gotten it in his head to go after some enchanted stick—rod­, Ryslind insisted, and Dante couldn’t help but chuckle at his little wizard’s adorable expression—he’d been dragged halfway across the world to find some godforsaken mountain, and crammed into a rather claustrophobic tunnel system.
       Ah, the things I do for you, my pretty Ryslind, he thought, trailing in the back of their group with the newly-acquired “guide,” a runt of a goblin with a little red spider on his shoulder. He reminded Dante a little of the Fiends back home; small and thin-limbed, scrambling to keep their masters happy.
       The little goblin must have noticed Dante’s constant glances towards the front of the party, where his beloved Ryslind walked alongside his idiot of a brother. With a somewhat-reluctant tone, as if afraid to anger the demon, he asked, “Why do you keep staring at him?”
       Dante wondered how he should answer. Give this goblin the truth, and likely have yet another person who avoided him like the plague, or lie?
       “He is my master. I don’t want him to get hurt, do I?” The truth it was, then… or, at least, some version of it.
       “Oh.” And the demon heard no more about it.
       The goblin wasn’t a real problem, though. That title belonged to the elf girl, Riana. His Ryslind had brought her along after finding out that she was a thief and a lockpick. Dante’s liking for her extended as far as his love of vampires—which is to say, not very far at all. The main reason being that, with her awake and keeping guard, he couldn’t steal kisses in his master’s sleep.
       Only a few days, and he was already missing his Ryslind’s soft lips…
       Their journey was fairly uneventful, save for the times when his beloved master had been injured, after which Dante had ripped the offending creature in half with his bare claws—a sight that none of his master’s companions would easily forget. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you, he’d thought, glancing back at their horrified expressions. Well, all horrified except Ryslind, who just flashed a smugly-satisfied smirk as if he had no idea (and he really didn’t) of what it did to the demon to see such a wicked look on his already very pretty master. Needless to say, it was almost enough to melt Dante’s frigid black blood.
       That night, Dante had dared to steal a kiss, and his heart jolted when his master’s lips ever-so-softly pressed back against his own. He knew Ryslind was probably dreaming of some beautiful girl, but it kept him awake for days on end either way, knowing that his dear Ryslind had kissed him back.
       Oh, how he wanted to pin the wizard to the wall and ravish him…
       But there were other things to consider. Their companions were one.
       The fact that his little master seemed to be going insane was another.
       Ever since he’d begun to notice his master’s slow descent into madness, Dante had moved closer to the young man as they traveled out of worry, up until he was right by Ryslind’s side, close enough to leave a trail of kisses down his neck if he so desired. And he did desperately desire.
       Nothing drew the demon’s attention from his master’s struggle for sanity, not vicious enemies or even his own exhaustion. Sleep could wait until after his Ryslind was safe.
       So could that bloody dragon who seemed to think that Ryslind’s soul was his. Ha! The sweet little wizard’s soul was Dante’s alone. Had it belonged to the dragon, Dante wouldn’t even have been able to form a deal with him.
       He was rather grateful when the little goblin managed to kill that dragon. At least now his master was safe, and they could go back home, where Dante could steal as many kisses as he wished while his Ryslind slept.
       But Lady Luck couldn’t have such a happy ending as that, could she?
       No, as she would have it, that little goblin had gotten ahold of that rod they were after. That in itself wasn’t much to fear, as Dante saw it. His master’s idiot brother could barely handle its power; surely this goblin couldn’t manage more than whacking them over the head with it.
       Until said idiot brother had been turned into a man-sized trout.
       Dante’s heart nearly stopped out of fear, especially when that rod was turned towards his beloved Ryslind. The demon leapt to turn it away, pleading with the rod’s little bearer to spare his master. A sudden idea lit into his mind, mid-plea.
       Dante turned back to the little goblin, a new, devious light in his eyes. He leant in and whispered something into his ear, smirking as he did. The goblin hesitated, but nodded and pointed the rod at his master once more. Dante didn’t stop him this time.
       All at once, Ryslind fell back against the cavern wall, eyes wide and limbs trembling, a faint red blush stealing across his fair features. Dante’s smirk doubled as he stepped towards his little master, letting every fantasy he’d had for the wizard shine through and ignite the dull red gleam of his eyes.
       “W-what did he do to me?”
       The demon’s smile was positively wicked. “What I asked him to, master,” he purred. Leaning in towards the wizard’s ear, Dante added, “He showed you in a split-second everything I’m capable of doing to you and your lovely body~” He licked the shell of his wizard’s ear for good measure, and didn’t bother to mention the small change-of-heart he’d asked for as well.
       Of course, it wouldn’t do to put those images in his master’s mind if he was just going to run away, would it?
       Ryslind blushed even harder at that, clutching at the demon’s spider-silk shirt in desperation and trying not to tremble so much. From what that split-second had shown him, Dante could do a great many wonderful things with that tongue…
       Fighting to keep from pressing closer to the demon’s chill form, Ryslind whispered back, “I know you kiss me when you think I’m asleep.” Not much of a reply, but then the wizard’s mind wasn’t in the condition for snappy comebacks, being preoccupied with wondering how that tongue would feel on the rest of him.
       The demon’s eyes widened a fraction. His little master… That meant…
       Dante glanced back, signaling for the goblin to make his exit.
       “I see. And you have no issues with this, my liege?” Oh, he knew how much his master loved being called that.
       “None, except that you should really have told me.”
       The demon flashed him a wicked smirk. “Secrecy was called for, my liege. I worried what you would think if you knew.”
       “Understandable.” Now Ryslind allowed himself to cling to the demon’s slender frame, matching the demon’s seductive stare. “Now that we’ve got that figured, perhaps you can stop talking and show me what you can do?”
       If he’d thought the demon’s earlier expression was wicked, then his current one was positively devilish.
       “As you wish, my dear master~”

    (I don’t even know about that ending—)
    (XD This is what emerges from my ships.) 

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