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    Mishi the Dumb-butt

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    Mishi the Dumb-butt

    Post by Our Immortal Lives on September 10th 2013, 11:25 pm

    A light blush rose to Mishi's cheeks. She played with her long, unruly hair, magenta eyes downcast. Biting her lip, she glanced up at _____. "I wouldn't say I'm likable..." She pouted a bit. "Really, I'm just a nuisance."

    "Come on now, no need to be shy...~" Mishi purred, stepping closer. "I won't bite." She tilted her head a bit, eyes flashing deviously. "...Unless you want me to~"

    "I don't like you!!" Mishi crossed her arms and looked away, an angry pout on her lips. "What makes you think that?!" She then scoffed, tossing her hair over one shoulder. "As if."

    [There's gonna be a lot of different Mishi personalities--]

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