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    ZerAe Ships~ uvu

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    ZerAe Ships~ uvu

    Post by Kaitlyn the Boss-chan on September 10th 2013, 7:28 pm

    Sweet was the taste of his love’s porcelain skin.
    Sweet was the rare smile that took his breath away.
    Sweet was the word that came only to him in his love’s presence.
    Sweet was the angel Aezr Aeon.
    … According to the little incubus named Zero, at least.
    To him, the angel was a real-life sex god, and Zero had to restrain himself whenever the angel was nearby. But whenever he dared to look over…
    Those crystal-blue eyes bored into his very soul.
    The dustings of a pale blush appeared on those cheeks.
    The corner of those soft lips twitched in surprise, practically begging to be kissed.
    Aezr’s tendency for distance only proved to excite the little incubus further. Rarely did he get to even hold his angel’s hand, and the mere contact made the demon itch to shove the angel against a wall and ravish him.
    It wasn’t just Aezr’s body he wanted, though.
    Zero wanted all of him. His body, his mind, his heart, his soul. He wanted the angel safely tucked away in his arms every morning. He wanted Aezr to show his lovely smile whenever the two met eyes. He wanted to make the angel’s next 30,000 years be filled with happiness and comfort.
    But what he wanted most of all was a kiss.
    A kiss that would mean his angel felt the same, that he wanted the incubus to hold him close and kiss his forehead and say the magic words, “I love you.”
    Sweet, beautiful words.
    For his sweet, beautiful angel.

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