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    Character Interview: Aezr

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    Character Interview: Aezr Empty Character Interview: Aezr

    Post by Kaitlyn the Boss-chan on September 7th 2013, 5:47 pm

    Character’s Name: Aezr Aeon

    Part I: Let’s Start at the Beginning…

    1. What’s your name?
    Aezr Aeon.

    2. Give me your full name…
    ... Aezr Rivaldi Aeon.

    3. Do you have a nickname? If yes, what is it and how did you come to have it?
    ... I'm not very sure I have one.

    4. What species are you? (Human, werewolf, ect? Or are you an alien?)
    I am an Angel.

    5. Where/when were you born?
    Heaven. And I have no idea when.

    6. I see. And that would make your age…?
    In and around thirty-thousand.

    7. Okay, now… are you a good guy, or a bad guy?
    I do whatever my duty says I must, even if it means doing unspeakable things.

    Part II: Tell Us More About Yourself…

    8. How would you describe your personality?
    What did my creator call it? ... Tsundere.

    9. Would you say you’re someone who can handle pressure?
    That depends on what kind of pressure it is.

    10. Do you like to read?
    I hardly have time for it, but yes.

    11. Favorite color?
    Cobalt blue.

    12. Do you get along with others?
    Not really, no.

    13. Do you have any enemies?
    All of Hell and most of Earth.

    14. How about friends?
    I have... one friend. Her name is Lynn. *faint ghost of a smile* She's nice.

    15. Are you patient?
    ... Not very.

    Part III: Hypothetically…

    16. Suppose that you could become any creature you know of. What would you pick, and why?
    I wouldn't want to change my breed. Just my profession.

    17. One of your enemies in question 13 just complimented you. Response?
    Five feet of Angelic Steel. (And a tsundere blush~ uvu)

    18. One of your friends in question 14 just insulted you. Response?
    ... (He'd go off in his emo corner once she left. ono)

    19. If you could change anything about yourself…
    My profession, as I said earlier. I get terribly stressed doing this job.

    20. About your home…
    ... *faint blush* I'd get a cat.

    Part IV: Now We Get Personal

    21. What’re your parents like?
    I barely remember. They died when I was very young, back when the demons used to try and invade Heaven.

    22. Do you have any siblings?
    I have a brother and... had... a sister.

    23. What’s your occupation?
    Seraph. Basically, a demon hunter.

    24. I see, that’s a good job to have. Do you like it?
    I was raised to be one. There is no question of whether I like it or not; it's the only thing I know how to be.

    25. Are you seeing/dating anyone?
    *deep red blush* How dare you insinuate something like that!! E-even if I could have a relationship, he's too much of a bother to even think about it!!

    26. Thinking about getting engaged, married, other?
    *even deeper blush* WHAT DID I JUST SAY--

    27. Tell us your biggest secret.
    No. (DO IT.) Fine. ... *mutters* ... Alice is my niece.

    28. Your worst fear? You don’t have to answer this one if you don’t want to.

    29. Favorite food?
    ... Lettuce. (Or anything he can nibble on like a rabbit--)

    30. Favorite drink?
    ... Peach tea.

    31. Tell us one thing you’re the most proud of.
    Keeping my purity for as long as I have.

    32. Something embarrassing? You don’t have answer this one, either.
    ... *blushes* I can be rendered immobile by someone rubbing my back and touching my hair at the same time.

    33. If you didn’t answer questions 28 and/or 32, tell me why.
    It's none of your business.

    34. Is this a good reason?

    Part V: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    For these next few questions, I’ll briefly remove the fourth wall between your world and your creator’s. Try to remain calm.

    35. Before I remove the fourth wall, tell me: would you be willing to accept the fact that you’re actually a character?
    I... suppose.

    36. Now the fourth wall’s gone. Response?

    37. This is your creator’s world. What’s the first thing you notice?
    Books. All over the place.

    38. You just met your creator! First impression of him/her?
    ... She's demon-sized.

    39. Okay, let’s put the fourth wall back. See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?
    I suppose it wasn't.

    Part VI: Closing

    40. Are you satisfied with your life?
    As much as I can be.

    41. Anything you feel like you have to do? It can be something long-term, like a bucket list, or something you need to do right now.
    Finish my current job and kill of the little half-breed Blackheart.

    42. Any hobbies?
    I don't have the time.

    43. Quick, you get one wish! What did you just wish for? It’s alright, you can tell me…
    *blushes* No.

    44. How would you describe that wish? Good? Bad? Selfish? Selfless? Other?
    *deeper blush* None of your business.

    45. Have you been honest with these questions?
    Of course.

    46. Your personal quote?
    *emotionless gaze* (Basically, yeah, that's his quote--)

    47. Do you like change?
    Not really. I like knowing what's going to happen.

    48. What’s your most valued possession?
    The sheathe of my sword. I made it myself, and it took a very long time to do so.

    49. Anything else you feel like sharing?
    No. (But what about your thing with Incu--) I said no.

    50. Last question! … Yup, that’s it! How do you feel?
    Perfectly fine.

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