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    Personal Psychiatrist - Interview Meme (Demon Mika)

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    Personal Psychiatrist - Interview Meme (Demon Mika) Empty Personal Psychiatrist - Interview Meme (Demon Mika)

    Post by Our Immortal Lives on August 8th 2013, 2:59 am

    Blank Meme:

    Getting the lowdown:
    Your OC went to sleep one night, only to wake up in a square room with nothing but a semi-comfortable bed attached to the wall and a man sitting on a chair in front of them. Bright light/complete darkness momentarily blinds them, and that's when they realize they're in deep.
    As it turns out, the man is a psychiatric doctor and you, their creator, sent them to him in the hopes that their restless minds can finally find some peace.
    If your OC has any companions, same species or otherwise, that never leave their side, this meeting has broken that rule and your OC is alone, except for the man.
    There are no cameras, no notes, no actual record of the conversation will be made. Just your OC having a good heart to heart with a perfect stranger who sees many people each day but treats everyone with the same equality he believes they deserve. Whether they be mutant, animal, human, anything.
    If it helps, you can be the interviewer. If not, then he's a man with looks left entirely to your imagination. Replace "Man" with "Creator" or your name if you wish to exchange places. Add questions at the end, but before the wrapping up (last) question.
    This is going to get heavy, this is going to get personal, simply because your OCs are people too, right? And no one needs to see this; this can be saved to your computer and referenced when you need to see what they do when they have an emotional breakdown.
    Feel free to add your own questions at the end, going over what they'd said or asking new ones entirely.

    Onto the questions:

    Man: Are you sitting quite comfortably? I'd like to remind you that what you see is very much all there is. Me, you and whatever burdens you may carry. We'll start with your name, what is it?

    *Constantly biting either her lip or one of her fingers* Mikaru Black. But since there's already a Mikaru, call me Micaiah. Anyway, nice to meetcha.

    Man: Do you think your name suits you? Do you perhaps plan on changing it or do you feel that it has helped define you as a person? Could you imagine yourself with any other name?

    Nah, it's fine where it is. It's a name that's pretty much unknown, isn't it? *Small grin*

    Man: How old are you, if you don't mind my asking?

    7 thousand something. I dunno, I can't keep track-a these kinda things. Not while things are zippin' by so fast.

    Man: When is your birthday? Do you know your astrological sign? Do you believe that it's accurate to your personality?

    How the hell should I know?! I'm 7 thousand somethin', I'm too old to remember my own birthday! Yeesh.

    Man: Say you're a third person who is describing you here to someone who's never met you before. What key traits would you mention? Why those in particular?

    They'd probably call me a creepy psycho who goes around biting things too much. *Opens her mouth* I got lots-o sharp teeth. I like to bite. *Closes her mouth again* I guess people think I'm creepy cuz I bite people I like. o3o

    Man: Are there many traits you wish you didn't have? Or perhaps any that you feel you wouldn't be you without them?

    Nah, I'm good with everything! People are just too stubborn to like me. I'm great! *Reclines on the chair, hands on the back of her head* Who wouldn't love me?

    Man: What are your favourite, simple things? Perhaps when a stranger smiles at you, or your favourite song comes up on the radio?

    I like it when people don't smack me when I try and bite something. >3> They need to mind their own business!

    Man: Do you listen to music? If you do, which genres do you find yourself most attracted to honestly? Why is this? If not, why is that?

    I like the crazy stuff that nobody else likes! Mostly because it interests me. I like knowing about the things nobody else cares to know about. uvu

    Man: Have you ever heard that, if you listen to the lyrics of someone's favourite song, you'll hear the words they can't say? Meaning, in the nutshell, that the people being spoken of listen to music they can relate to and that's often that they're hurting in some way. Do you listen to music that you can relate to especially?

    I don't think I can relate to most of the music I listen to. Except for this one song. It's weird. I ain't tellin' you, though, so don't go askin'! >:U

    Man: If ever, when do you listen to music? When you're sad, happy, angry, lonesome, excited?

    Eh, when I don't wanna listen to other peoples' crap.

    Man: Do you ever feel blissful one minute and then depressed the next? 

    Sometimes. Not often. :I

    Man: How often do you notice your moods change? How does this affect those around you?

    I get angry pretty quick. If you get me angry, I'll bite a lot harder than I usually do. >:I

    Man: How do you feel you communicate with other people? Do you feel you lack the proper skills to hold onto friendships?

    People don't like me cuz I bite things and I act rude. -3- I say they're just jealous. I'm too cool for them, and they know it!

    Man: What is your oldest friend's name and what are they like? Do you remember how you met? Have you ever fought physically or otherwise?

    Friends? *Chuckles* Nah, I don't have friends. There's my other side, the one who's a shut in and really boring, but... *Rolls her eyes* She doesn't like me. Hates me, almost. She keeps me locked up and never lets me speak. So I have to sit there and watch her gain more and more friends, while I never go out once! She's a selfish little... *Sighs and glances off to the side* Never mind.

    Man: Are you currently in a romantic relationship? Do you think that you two will stay together for much longer? If you aren't currently dating anyone, think about the last time you did.

    I haven't dated, and I probably never will. People are idiots, they avoid me like the flu! How am I supposed to find someone to, air quote, "complete me," when all they do is scowl and walk away?

    Man: How do you feel when they aren't around? When they are? Feel free to go into detail, I don't mind hearing it.

    I'm just gonna take that as how I feel when I'm alone. I mostly feel crappy and bored, resentful because I'm not allowed to do anything, angry because all I can do is watch as she's happy and surrounded by friends, and here I am, sitting in the depths of her mind, never allowed to leave or experience things for myself. *Grips the chair a bit* So really, I have gallons of pent up anger.

    Man: Tell me about your parents, what were they like? In what ways did they influence you most, do you think?

    Feh, I didn't get much from them. I'm angry and vengeful, and that had nothing to do with anything they did. They were great, just not around for long enough to make a difference.

    Man: Are/Were there any other significant people in your life? Any aunts or uncles who took care of you as a child, perhaps?

    That's all Mika. I've been alone, I never talk to anyone but Mika or myself.

    Man: Do you think that the person you are now has changed all that much from when you were a child?

    I've gotten angrier. Much angrier.

    Man: How about your teenage years? Did you enjoy them?

    What was there to enjoy? Sitting around, viewing Mika's old memories, watching as her life was ruined right before she began slaughtering angels? Hell no! It sucked ass.

    Man: What are some things that you just can't stand? Not people, not places, just things.

    Other people being happy in my presence. Being stuck in here. Spiders.

    Man: What are your opinions on individuality? I'm open minded, don't worry.

    I don't know what you mean by that. o3o But everyone should be able to express themselves! I do that by biting things. uvu

    Man: How do you feel when someone opposes you? Verbally or otherwise? How do you react instantly?

    Angry! I say "Fahk off!" and then I try and bite them. uvu

    Man: Could you be described as a violent person? Would you say you're a violent person?

    Oh, everyone would say I'm violent. I would too! o3o I bite and scratch and use bad words~

    Man: Is it ever okay to harm or kill someone?

    If they harm you first. Emotionally or physically.

    Man: Do you agree that it's a "hunt or be hunted/eat or be eaten" world?

    ...Yeah, I'd say that's how it goes.

    Man: Which would you say you were more likely to be viewed as? Hunted or hunter?

    Depends on who's talkin'. I have people hunting me, and then I'd hunt people, too.

    Man: If you were the hunter, would you ever befriend or help someone who could be called the (almost-) hunted? Would you aid them in becoming a fellow hunter, perhaps?

    If they were nice enough and let me bite them at least once. ouo

    Man: What do you do when you pass someone on the streets who looks lost or looks like someone in need of help?

    I may poke and prod at Mika, but she barely ever does anything. She doesn't like people. :I

    Man: I know we've been doing this for a while now, but how do you feel when you express your feelings? Do you perhaps feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders or a claw has released your chest or do you "vent" so often to people that it's become a normal sensation?

    I actually feel better. uvu Like, since I have an actual person to talk to, it feels nice.

    Man: How often do you find yourself ranting about issues that bother you to your significant partner? Do they (unconsciously) make you feel like you're just being a burden or are they constantly telling you that you can tell them anything that worries you?

    I don't have anyone like that. Mika never listens to me, so I can't say anything. >:I

    Man: I know we're both busy people so I'll close up this meeting now. It's been lovely talking to you and I hope you feel like that claw has let go or the weight has vanished now? I hope we can do this again sometime and I'm always here if you need me. Goodbye!

    Bye! Nice talkin' to ya, dude. uvu

    [She turned out to be less psychotic than I thought. o3o]

    [Child of Ice (probably)]

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