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    Aezr Headcanons

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    Aezr Headcanons

    Post by Kaitlyn the Boss-chan on August 31st 2013, 11:10 pm

    1: Aezr's wings are his erogenous zones, and he especially likes it when the feathers are pulled lightly.
    2: He puts on an emotionless, cold front when people are around, but when he's alone or with someone close to him, he becomes rather cheerful and smiley.
    3: He likes it when people run their fingers through his hair or rub his back. Both actions have a calming effect on him, unless when they're used in tandem with his wings, in which case both actions act as a turn-on.
    4: Despite his position in Angelic society, Aezr longs to have someone he can form a romantic relationship with. And who he can show the sweet but tsundere side he keeps hidden from everyone else.
    5: He looks somewhat like Dante when he smiles, and may be the reason Dante's smile is so captivating.
    6: He thinks handmade gifts showcase one's love much better than store-bought ones.
    7: Aezr may seem to hate--or at least be annoyed by--his apprentice Jizah, but he secretly feels somewhat like a father to the boy.
    8: Granted, he doesn't make much of a good parent, getting easily frustrated with the stubborness many children have.
    9: Although he tries to appear cold and distant, Aezr has a strong inner need for any sort of physical contact. A quick squeeze of the hand, a hug, anything; he just needs it.
    10: He's really sensitive to tickling, and usually lets out a high-pitched, almost childish, giggle whenever someone takes advantage of this.

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