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    The Movie Cliche Response Meme (Using Lynn)

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    The Movie Cliche Response Meme (Using Lynn) Empty The Movie Cliche Response Meme (Using Lynn)

    Post by Our Immortal Lives on July 29th 2013, 3:04 am

    Rules: Pick any number (2 or more will provide some contrast) of your Original Characters (OCs) to answer this meme via their reactions. Unless a specific question is being asked, assume that the whole line is followed by 'What do you do?' When completed, provide a link back to me in your artist's comments, and also do let me know by leaving a comment on the original template. 
    Have fun! Smile 

    Imma use Lynn. uvu

    1) Who wins? The Good Side or the Bad Side?
    *Puts a finger to her lip* Hm. Well, that depends. o3o I mean, I've never seen a movie where the bad guy ultimately wins, but it'd be a change for sure! uvu But I'd want the good guys to win.

    2) The Mysterious Masked antagonist reveals himself as none other than... DUN DUN DUN! your long lost FATHER! 
    *Blink blink* M-my... But... DDDD: I'M CONFLICTED AT THE MOMENT.

    3) Only YOU can save the world from annihilation! 
    .u. The world's gonna end if it's in my hands.

    4) You childhood sweetheart storms back into your life confessing his/her mutual feelings for you—a week before his/her forced marriage is to take place... 
    ._. But-- Arranged marriage-- Whaaaat--

    5) Treachery most foul! Your best friend has inexplicably turned against you with full force! 
    ... Oh. I-I see how it is.

    6) A bumbling, inept, talkative, bright-eyed creature of a stature and skill set only suitable for comic relief wishes to join you on your adventure.
    (Hi there, Dano-- //shot) ouo Sure! Friendship~

    7) You hear that a mad wizard/scientist/doctor/alchemist has been conducting experiments in yonder building close to where you're residing. He wants volunteers...
    OH HEEELLLLLL NAW. :I No thank you.

    Cool Shortly after waking up with no memory of where you've been/what you've done for the past week, you start hearing mysterious voices in your head that urge you to do things contradictory to your nature.
    >:U No. You can't tell me what to do.

    9) You are in an inescapable cell with a button, which you are told will kill the other still-sleeping occupant in the adjacent cell if pressed while freeing you. The occupant could be anyone and cannot respond to queries...
    DDD: I'm not killing someone!!

    10) A gigantic alien mother(f*******)ship, with pulsing lights and suitably creepy background music frames the entire evening horizon. A distorted voice announces: 'WE COME IN PEACE'...

    11) For some reason, lately whenever you ask someone a normal question, they and anyone in the vicinity burst into a song and dance routine.
    ._. You can stop now--

    scREAMS ; - ;

    13) You learn that two supernatural species thought to be extinct/non-existent have been secretly battling it out for supremacy all these years.
    :I I know this already. Why are you telling me this?

    14) The walk-in wardrobe you just decided to walk into has somehow led you to a land of bright pretty colours, happy singing flora and fauna and overabundant candy treats. A mysterious force blocks out all obscene visual and audible content...
    :I This is better than dumb ol' Heaven any day.

    15) The massive ill fated vessel (that was coincidentally heavily insured against this stupidly improbable event) you are on is *GASP* going down. And it's women and children first to the evacuation...

    16) You return to wherever you call home one day to find an exact replica of yourself doing the things you would normally be doing.

    17) The world you live in is mysteriously beginning to resemble the beginnings of a fairy tale or dream that you vividly remember, fondly or not.

    18) HELP! You're now the size of a mouse!

    19) You meet a doppelganger of yourself again, but dressed differently. He/she claims to be from the future and requiring you to remedy a huge mistake in your present...
    I don't believe a word of it but I'm going along with it. :I

    20) Your entire world turns pitch black, then music starts playing while white lines of text start floating upwards from the ground. The first word is 'Credits'...
    Woah what-- o-o ...This is the coolest thing ever-- *Sits on the word* -w-

    HOPE YOU HAD FUN!!! ouo

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