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    How to Seduce Demons (And an Angel) By Psicopatia Goldvein

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    How to Seduce Demons (And an Angel) By Psicopatia Goldvein

    Post by Our Immortal Lives on July 8th 2013, 5:30 am

    "Er. I was pretty much just myself here. But acting extra cowardly helps sometimes."

    "I think acting all around adorable and naive helps when he starts feeling a lot of lust. When he's not being like that, cuddling and lots of kisses are effective."

    "Aah... I sort of have to act... What was the word? 'Tsundere?' I think that was it. And I say 'Meh' a lot. That seems to work out."

    "...I have no idea what I did to seduce the bounty hunter himself."

     Fabian and Florian:
    "Oh jeez, how am I supposed to know? I've barely spent any time with them! I'm assuming if I acted cute enough, they'd probably gang up on me... Heheh."

     Papa Blackheart:
    "Why the hell is he on the list?!?!?"

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