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    Post by Kaitlyn the Boss-chan on June 30th 2013, 3:31 am


    - Pick 10 of your OC in any order. If you don’t have 10 characters use canon.
    - Don't look at the questions while picking the characters!
    - Link back to the blank.
    - Have fun! MEME THIEVERY!! >:D Giggle

    PICK YOUR VICTIMS! (All variations/ages of Dante. XD)

    1. the original Dante Blackheart
    2. 5-year-old Chibi!Dante
    3. 2P!Dante
    4. Goth!Dante (Dano)
    5. Pirate-era Dante
    6. WWII-era Dante
    7. 11-year-old Dante (under France's care)
    8. Punk-era Dante
    9. Future Dante (Lord Dante Blackheart)
    10. DemonDante


    1. How will [1] describe [6]?
    How does Dante describe his WWII-self?
    Dante: What on earth was wrong with me...

    2. [5] and [4] were locked in a closet together. What does [10] see when he/she found them?
    Dano and Pirate-era Dante are locked in a closet. DemonDante finds them in a rather compromising position. XD

    3. For whatever reason, [7] decides to kiss [2]. How does [2] react?
    For some reason, 11-year-old Dante decides to kiss 5-year-old Dante. (Awwwwww, selfest fluff~)
    5-year-old Dante: o///////o
    11-year-old Dante: ^^

    4. [2] randomly walks in and sees [9] is at least half naked.

    5. What is [3] theme song? Favorite food if [3] doesn’t have theme song.
    2P!Dante's theme song is, as I see it... "Cry Little Sister" from the movie The Lost Boys. I dunno why, just the whole sound of it says to me, "2P!Dante."

    6. And what is [8] opinion about [3] theme song? If [3] doesn’t have a theme song make [8] eats [3]’s wallet.
    Punk-era Dante: I remember that movie... *smirks* Fitting taste, my friend~
    2P!Dante: *slight nod*

    7. [5] has a drink in a bar and discovers [10] is a strip dancer.
    Pirate-era Dante: o_o *spits out drink*

    8. So [5] was completely drunk and wakes up in bed next to… [9] and [1]?!
    Pirate-era Dante wakes up in bed with Dante and Future Dante.
    Pirate-era Dante: What did I drink.
    Future Dante: I believe you got into some of Dano's vodka.

    9. Something exploded and now [2], [6] and [8] are gender bended! How do they react?
    5-year-old Dante, WWII-era Dante, and Punk-era Dante are now genderbent.
    5-year-old Dante: Why am I a girl?
    WWII-era Dante: *scowls* This is unacceptable.
    Punk-era Dante: *goes off to try seducing guys*

    10. [1] suddenly feels an urge to chase after unicorns. What do [3] do to help him/her?
    2P!Dante: What. The hell.
    Dante: I don't complain about your interests.

    11. [4] is getting married to a rainbow dinosaur. How did it happen? Does [7] do anything about it?
    Dano is getting married to a rainbow dinosaur. Dano is drunk off his ass and thinks it's Malata. 11-year-old Dante couldn't do anything about it even if he wanted to.

    12. [8] is being chased by evil toys in a locked toy factory with a pen is his/her only weapon. Does he/she survive through the night?
    Could Punk-era Dante survive the night? Probably. Most likely.

    13. [5], [7] and [10] are having a picnic. Suddenly a giant pink donut falls out from the sky. Which one of them is likely to get hit by it?
    Between Pirate-era Dante, 11-year-old Dante, and DemonDante... it would be Pirate-era, cause he has just about the worst luck. XD

    14. [8] stole [6]'s most valuable item (or person). What happen next?
    WWII-era Dante: *shoves the barrel of a gun under Punk-era's chin* Are you going to give back mon pere's locket~?
    Punk-era Dante: *nervous chuckle* You may have it back, yes~

    15. [10] found a Death Note! Who dies?
    Except Dante, cause DemonDante needs a body to inhabit.

    16. [1], [2] and [4] are stay in [9]’s house while the house is surrounded by zombies! Wait, what do you mean [1] was bitten by a zombie?
    (QAQ NOOO, DANTE!!!)
    Dano: HOW?! You're supposed to be super fast!!
    Dante: Shut up, idiot.
    Future Dante: There's no help for it; we'll have to kill him.
    5-year-old Dante: *sobs*

    17. [7] found a time machine. What does he/she do?
    11-year-old Dante will give it to France, because he actually can't reach the buttons yet.

    18. [3], [4] and [5] decided to rob a bank. How does it go?
    2P!Dante, Dano, and Pirate-era Dante decide to rob a bank. XD They're getting away with millions (and, cause of Dano, several of the pretty clerks).

    19. Oh no! [8] was hit by a fire truck! Who (in the list) will be the first one to show up in the hospital?
    Jacob and Dmitru, and that's about it. XD

    20. Tag someone? If you don’t do tagging, tell me [6]’s dark secret. MEME THIEVERY!! >:D Mwahaha

    WWII-era Dante's secret: He was actually registered in the German Army as "Danté Bonnefoi," which I'm surprised Germany let that fact slide.

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