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    Totally Random Insane Crack OC Meme (Female Characters Only)

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    Totally Random Insane Crack OC Meme (Female Characters Only)

    Post by Our Immortal Lives on June 29th 2013, 10:08 pm


    - Pick 10 of your OC in any order. If you don’t have 10 characters use canon.
    - Don't look at the questions while picking the characters!
    - Link back to the blank.
    - Have fun! 


    1. 1PRen
    10. 2PRen


    1. How will [1] describe [6]?
    She's in quite a hopeless situation. Really, I don't know why she's still trying. Is she that stubborn?

    2. [5] and [4] were locked in a closet together. What does [10] see when he/she found them? 
    Silveta's probably sitting in the corner, staring into space. o3o

    3. For whatever reason, [7] decides to kiss [2]. How does [2] react?
    Quite negatively, considering she KILLED HER--

    4. [2] randomly walks in and sees [9] is at least half naked.
    Mikaru: *Walks in and walks right back out*
    Psicopatia: ._.

    5. What is [3] theme song? Favorite food if [3] doesn’t have theme song.
    No theme song. o3o Fiiissshhh~

    6. And what is [8] opinion about [3] theme song? If [3] doesn’t have a theme song make [8] eats [3]’s wallet.
    Mercia: ._. What the literal fuck.
    Hera: o3o

    7. [5] has a drink in a bar and discovers [10] is a strip dancer.
    Silveta: I knew it! ouo
    2PRen: YOU TELL NO ONE. :I

    8. So [5] was completely drunk and wakes up in bed next to… [9] and [1]?!
    Silveta: ouo *Evil aura*

    9. Something exploded and now [2], [6] and [8] are gender bended! How do they react?
    Mikaru: Damn it, Arthur.
    Elle: .3. I AM MALE.
    Hera: ._.

    10. [1] suddenly feels an urge to chase after unicorns. What do [3] do to help him/her?
    Absolutely nothing. ouo

    11. [4] is getting married to a rainbow dinosaur. How did it happen? Does [7] do anything about it?
    She just sits back and watches the show. XDD [WHAT IS WITH THIS MEME I DON'T EVEN]

    12. [8] is being chased by evil toys in a locked toy factory with a pen is his/her only weapon. Does he/she survive through the night?
    Probably, considering how low tolerance she has.

    13. [5], [7] and [10] are having a picnic. Suddenly a giant pink donut falls out from the sky. Which one of them is likely to get hit by it?
    Probably 2PRen--

    14. [8] stole [6]'s most valuable item (or person). What happen next?
    Hera: No. ouo

    15. [10] found a Death Note! Who dies?
    Oliver. ouo (If 2PSlade doesn't kill him first.)

    16. [1], [2] and [4] are stay in [9]’s house while the house is surrounded by zombies! Wait, what do you mean [1] was bitten by a zombie?
    Mikaru: Hikari, get me my knife.
    1PRen: I'm fine, you idiots! >:I

    17. [7] found a time machine. What does he/she do?
    She'll probably go and mess around with different people's lives. :I

    18. [3], [4] and [5] decided to rob a bank. How does it go?
    Pretty badly. o3o Hikari will probably be all polite about it and Mercia will just stand there and facepalm.

    19. Oh no! [8] was hit by a fire truck! Who (in the list) will be the first one to show up in the hospital?
    Prussia, obviously. :I

    20. Tag someone? If you don’t do tagging, tell me [6]’s dark secret. 


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