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    Camy-rin Does the Same Thing Kaitlyn Did but With Her Youtube Favorites

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    Camy-rin Does the Same Thing Kaitlyn Did but With Her Youtube Favorites

    Post by Our Immortal Lives on June 28th 2013, 8:44 pm

    1.【アポルコ】 Tsukema Tsukeru / つけまつける 歌ってみた: Aaaaaahm. Luke's being a shota/pedo bait. ouo (HE COULD BE VERY GOOD PEDO BAIT IF HE WANTED TO BE. HE ALREADY HAS A DANO AND A SLADE.) (Oh look new ideas-- //shot)

    2. U.N. Owen Was Her Remix: 緋色月下、狂咲ノ絶 (English Subbed): I'm thinking crazy Mika. Like when she went on a rampage and got her feather necklace. That sort of mentality, but maybe because of 2P!Slade.

    3.【無力Vinナノ】徹夜してPONPONPONアレンジして歌ってみた。: I can imagine Renika and Katlina singing this. (Heck, look at the picture. XD) Just rockin' out in the garage or something-- (AND KAT'S OBVIOUSLY DOING THE DEATH METAL SCREAM AND SCARING THE CRAP OUTTA RENIKA)

    4. Night Surgeon [Hetalia!: The Genetic/Crack Opera]: There's nothing to think but what's shown-- XDD But your scenario you had came to mind as well. (This gives me chills by the way. :I)

    5. Triple Baka: Renika's complaining to Psi and Katlina and Kat's just like SUCK IT UP. XDD

    6. ↑The Game of Life↓ (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】人生ゲーム: I sort of think of DemonPapa being this manipulative. .3. I think he's a lot more violent, though.

    7. Gackt - Vanilla Music Video: Lucas. Nuff said-- XDDD But no, I imagine him jammin' out and then just having Luke look at him like he's crazy.

    8. √Bestamvsofalltime ▪ DANGER DAYS AMV (Na Na Na: My Chemical Romance): Again with a Renika and Katlina scenario. XD I can imagine them causing havoc around the area and just having a grand time. (After dissing the SMT like badasses. ouo)

    9. 【Touhou MMD】Alice raps Two-Faced Lovers 【東方】: Psi decides to show off her singing/dancing skills. XD And then Mika joins in like "Sure, why not?"

    10. Happy Synthesizer: 96Neko and Kagamine Len: I can see everyone being happy for once. EVERYONE. EVERYONE. All universes. No problems, no nothing. Just... Happy and dancing. ouo

    11. 【SF-A2 Miki & Kaito】 iNSaNiTY aSYLuM ReMiX 【matt9five ft GuitarHeroPianoZero】: I'm getting a "I don't care about anything anymore" sort of vibe. Just... "Fuck it, I don't care," but not in an angry way. More of a just letting go sort of way. I guess it could be Mika with this mentality...? She could be just ridding herself of the cloak, despite only having a leotard, booty shorts, thigh highs, and mary janes on underneath. And then Dorian would try and take advantage of this mentality of hers and she just doesn't care. Or it could be with 1PRen and Lestat. I don't know. They're both pretty similar. XD

    12. Hatsune Miku - Mathematics: I'd just like to note that the music makes me think of Yume Nikki. I'm thinking... o3o Hikari's slow realization of things about both herself and the things around her. Since she's like the more ignorant side of Mikaru.

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