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    BHP Characters Meme~ :3

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    BHP Characters Meme~ :3 Empty BHP Characters Meme~ :3

    Post by Kaitlyn the Boss-chan on June 21st 2013, 4:41 am

    Warning: This Meme was made/dedicated to dem perverts<3 :'D
    The Norm: Pick ANY 10 Characters and answer the questions below.
    1) Count Dracula (Vladimir Tepes)
    2) Dante Blackheart
    3) Papa Blackheart (Lord Adrian-Silas Blackheart)
    4) Dorian Blackheart
    5) Mort Forte
    6) Evolet Cellis
    7) Aezr Aeon
    8: Jaxxon Cellis
    9) Florian and Fabian Blackheart-Michaelis (THEY'RE TWINS, THEY COUNT AS ONE PERSON. >_>)
    10) Basarad Tepes III
    1) 6 Wakes you up in the middle of the night (s)he's drunk.. What do you do?
    2) You're having a sleep over with 3, 9, and 7 and you end up playing "One Hour In Heaven". What happens?
    Papa Blackheart's absolutely clueless over the whole thing, Aezr's thinking about seriously injuring him, and Fabian and Florian are just like "fuck this, I'm going home."
    3) 1 announces to everyone that (s)he's going to marry 9. Reactions?
    XDXDXD What?
    4) 4 and 9 are fighting over 3. Who wins?

    Dorian wins because Papa is Dorian's dad and Fabian and Florian are just his secretaries. XD
    Plus Dorian is a lot more devious than the twins.
    5) 7 walks in on 2 and 10 doing the "Dirty" Reactions?
    Aezr: ...
    Dante/Basarad: ...
    Dante: Well this is awkward.
    6) 8 and 3 break up what do you do to comfort them?

    o3o Papa, why were you with the brother of your son's betrothed?
    7) 3 and 4 have a major disagreement and start to get violent. 5 walks by, what does (s)he do?
    Papa and Dorian are starting to get violent. Mort will pretend he doesn't see anything and keep walking. XD
    8: 2 has to pick between 1, 7, 8. Who does (s)he pick?
    Dante, of course. She may scare the hell out of him, but she loves him, really. (Close second is her brother Jaxxon, though.)
    9) 5 Hates you. Why?
    I dunno. He's usually so laid-back... o3o
    10) 6 Asks you out. What do you say?
    Me: o3o No...
    Evolet: Good, because I am still engaged to Dante.
    Me: >3> I know that, I created you...
    Evolet: Hm?
    Me: Nothing! ^^"
    11) 3 is in Love with 10. How does 4 help to hook them up?
    I MEAN.
    COME ON.
    AND YOU, PAPA. WHY WITH BASARAD??? (He belongs to Dante--//shot)
    12) 1 is starting to get into your "Personal Bubble". What do you do?
    Me: O_O I AM NOT FOOD.
    Dracula: -3- Why is that the first conclusion you come to?
    13) Your at a sleep over with 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and you're being forced to pair up with someone to sleep with. Who do you choose?
    Papa. >_> He is the only trustworthy male in the room.
    14) While you guys are sleeping that person rolls on top of you unconsciously. What do you do?

    Me: O_o *pushes him off*
    Papa Blackheart: *sound asleep*
    15) Same question except with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Who do you choose?
    16) Same stuff, except (s)he's fully awake and conscious. What do you do?
    Evolet: o-o I think Dorian is in here. Please save me.
    Me: -3- Don't worry, I have a bat.
    17) 5 and 6 get it "On" who tops?
    Mort. XD Maybe Evolet if she was recently pissed off.
    18) 1 and 10?
    XDXDXD Basarad cannot top his great-grandfather.
    19) How about 2 and 7?

    (XD Dante.//shotshotshotkilledburied)
    20) You wake up in the morning in bed with 3. What happened?

    21) 1 is in the hospital, why?

    Overexposure to sunlight. -3- Or garlic-poisoning.
    22) Out of 1, 2, 3 who would you Date? Sleep With? Marry?
    Date: Dracula
    Sleep with: Dante = 7 =
    Marry: Papa (It's a good idea in the long-run--)
    23) Same question except, 4, 5, 6. Date? Sleep With? Marry?

    Date: Evolet
    Sleep with: Dorian = 7 =
    Marry: Mort. (Again, good in the long-run.)
    24) Again, cause ya know it's fun! 7, 8, 9. Date? Sleep with? Marry?

    Date: Fabian and Florian (That'd be interesting--)
    Sleep with: Jaxxon
    Marry: Aezr (Not sure if that's as good in the long-run as the previous two--)
    25) 10 is sad, what do you do to comfort him/her?
    Me: -3- Dante's asleep and his blood supply is defenseless.
    Basarad: ... *creeps off*
    26) You just walked in on 3/6 "doing things" *WINKWINK*, your reaction?

    Me: *walks in* *walks out* SCARRED FOR LIFE, THANK YOU.
    27) You're at the movies with 1, they grab your hand. Reaction?
    I'm about to be feasted upon--
    QAQ Don't eat me, Dracula--
    28) 4 gets into a fight with 7, what started it?

    Dorian. XD By being his usual arrogant self.
    29) You're walking home from school with 1, they faint from a fever, where do you take them?
    Me: o3o Sunlight. *pulls out an umbrella*
    30) Karaoke with 2! What's the first song that you duet?

    BAD TO THE BONE *duh nana na-nuh*, BAD TO THE BONE *duh nana na-nuh*, B-B-B-BAD *duh nana na-nuh*, B-B-B-BAD. XD
    31) Camping with 4,5,6! Write at least 3 sentences on what happens.
    Mort chains Dorian to a tree to keep him from molesting everyone in the camp. Evolet and I hide in our tent the whole time. Dorian gets rained on a lot cause we picked a really bad weekend to go camping. XD
    32) Your electricity AND water go out when you get home! You need to get it repaired, but it takes two days and one night. 4 and 8 offer you a place to stay for the time being, who do you choose?
    Jaxxon is less likely to molest me. I'd like to keep my virginity, thank you.
    33) You get into an argument with 10, why?
    XD I dunno. Maybe I said that he and Dante make a cute couple?
    34) It's your birthday! What does 7 get you as a gift?
    -3- A cross, most likely. Maybe a sword if he had a small moment of clarity when purchasing.
    35) After your encounter with 3/6, you run to the room down the hall to cool your head, but you run into 1/9 "doing things" too. Your reaction?

    Me: OH GOD WHY-- *hides under my bed and refuses to ever come out again*
    36) AN HOUR IN HEAVEN, you get 2. What do you two do?
    = 7 =
    37) You're watching a scary movie with 3. What happens?
    Me: *unaffected*
    Papa: Oh, this reminds me of the time when-- *goes on to describe some horrific moment in his life*
    Me: QAQ *scared out of my wits*
    38) You catch 5 doing something embarassing! What are they doing?
    Looking at photos of a certain other character. -3- This can vary depending on who he's shipped with. (Personally, I say Dante--//shot)
    39) You're with 2, 4, 6 at an amusement park! Where does 2 drag everyone?
    To the funhouse. XD He likes showing off his wits.
    40) Refer to Q39: What does 4 want to ride?
    >_> Because it's Dorian, I took that question rather pervertedly--
    41) 3, 5, 10 start a band! What do they name it?

    I have no iidea. XD Papa, are you going through midlife crisis? Is that why you're hanging out with your son's friends and sleeping with his betrothed?
    42) 8&9, who tops?
    It'd have to be the twins, cause Aezr would never be the one to start it.
    43) 2&1, again, who tops?
    (Dante. -3- He tops almost everyone.//shot)
    44) You're at 4's house, the lights go out! What happens?
    Me: ... Oh shet--
    45) You're on vacation with 2,3,5. Apparently, they booked the hotel room wrong and got a one bed room. 5 orders a seperate bed for themself, 2 sleeps on the floor. You're sleeping with 3 tonight, reaction?
    I'm fine with that, but why is Dante on the floor? XD
    46) 3, 5 and 9 drag you to a Haunted House on halloween! At least 3 sentences on what's going on<3
    XD Papa Blackheart's scaring the poor actors with tales of how this reminds him of some bloody event in his childhood. Mort is unaffected and acting as my shield while I freak out. The twins are frantically trying to find the exit, clinging to each other the whole time.
    47) You're angry with 10! Why?
    -3- Because I am not vampire food.
    48) You're with 1 at the beach, you suddenly cut your foot! How do they react?
    Dracula: o3o *pupils dilate*
    Me: O_o I knew it was a bad idea to bring you.
    49) You're sick, would 9 come to help?
    Yes, yes they would. -3- As long as Papa told them it was OK.
    50) If you could have a one night stand with ANY of the 10 chosen, who would it be?
    XDDX Why are you making me choose?!?!
    ... Can I have a day with each of the ones I pick?
    In that case; Dante, Dorian, Basarad, Mort, and the twins. -3-

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