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    OC Meme (4)

    Post by Our Immortal Lives on April 17th 2013, 12:39 am

    Twelve Characters I Love
    1. 1PRen
    2. Lucas
    3. Hera
    4. Adult!Daniel
    5. Mikaru
    6. Luke
    7. Psicopatia
    8. 2PLuke
    9. 2PRen
    10. Link
    11. Mercia
    12. Elle

    1. If [8] was involved with both [7] and [4] how would [7] and [4] react when they found out about one another?
    Daniel: ...
    Psicopatia: This is awkward--
    Daniel: *Evil aura*
    Psicopatia: ._.

    2. [2] and [5] are saying their vows when the doors are thrown open and [11] marches in demanding that the ceremony stop because [11] is in love with [5] and cannot let them marry [2]. Does [5] go back to [11] or stay with [2]?
    Mikaru: *Looking back and forth between the two* ... I-I can't! I-I mean-- I don't know! >_<

    3. [7]has a phobia that involves [1]. What is the phobia?
    Hera: ... Fear of insanity. ._.
    1PRen: >_>

    4. [9] and [12] are having a movie marathon night. What movie does [9] pick and what movie does [12] pick? Is [12] happy with [9]'s pick and vice versa?
    2PRen: Le Mis?
    Elle: ouo
    2PRen: ...Eh, sure. o3o

    5. [10] is in an unhappy relationship with [4] and realizes that he/she should be with [2] instead.
    Link: ...Pretty hard to break it off with someone like him.

    6. [3] is pregnant with [9]'s baby. How does [5] react?
    Mikaru: That isn't possible.
    Hera: Then how did it happen? ._.

    7. Does [3] handle commitments well?
    Eeeeh... Sort of.

    8. If [12] suffered from a mental disorder what would that disorder be?
    Paranoia or schizophrenia.

    9. [1] sees [4] with [8] and knows that [8] is involved with [6]. Does [1] tell [6] that [8] is cheating or does [6] deserve to find out on his own?
    1PRen: I'd rather not be involved in Luke and his 2P's murder.

    10. [11] is set up by [10], on a blind date with [7]. Does the date go smoothly, and has [11] decided that he/she wants to kill [10] before the date has ended?
    Well, first five minutes she's fine, and then she gets snarky and wants to kill everyone.

    11. [2] and [3] have been dating for a year. Where does [2] choose to pop the question?
    Lucas: A fancy restaurant of course~

    12. [9] wants to end their relationship with [5]. How does [9] choose to do so? Heartbroken [5] has a one night stand with [3].
    2PRen: I wouldn't have the guts...
    Mikaru: I was obviously drunk.

    13. [11] and [12] married. How does [12] handle [11] death?
    Simple. She blames Lestat and hates him even more.

    14. If there was one thing [7] could change about their life what would it be?
    Her family.

    15. If [5] could say anything to [10] what would they say?
    Mikaru: There isn't much I'd want to say. *Shrugs*

    16. A drunken [8] comes home and finds [1] in bed with [11]. How does [8] react?
    He'll probably ask to join. >_>

    17. Is a sweet love scene between [6] and [9] possible?
    ...Depends. o3o

    18. [7] and [4] are bitter rivals. What made them rivals?
    Ouch, family problems. Aaaah... Probably if Psi tried to protect him too much and he harshly broke off.

    19. Is a happily ever after possible for [1] and [12]?
    Nnnnnno. 1P wouldn't be able to tolerate her.

    20. [4] undergoes a gender-swap. Who would he/she sleep with first? [6] or [5]?
    ...Mika. .3. I can see that happening.

    21. If [7] had to be stuck on a island with [2] or [3] which would [7] choose? Why?
    Psicopatia: Hera. Lucas might molest me. ._.

    22. [1] and [2] are romantically involved when [1]'s original love, [11] returns from the dead. How does [1] handle the person's return?

    23. [9] is forced to choose who will live between [3] and [6]. Which one does [9] choose to live?
    2PRen: Luke~! ouo He's adorable.

    24. [7] falls in love with [8]. When [7] gets the opportunity to be with [8] he/she is happy... until he/she finds out that [8] is only using him/her to get close to [2].
    Psicopatia: ...O-ok... I see how it is... *Walks off*

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