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    Random Meme used OC's #2

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    Random Meme used OC's #2 Empty Random Meme used OC's #2

    Post by Our Immortal Lives on April 10th 2013, 9:07 pm

    Warning: This Meme was made/dedicated to dem perverts<3 :'D

    The Norm: Pick ANY 10 Characters and answer the questions below.

    1) Psicopatia

    2) Mikaru

    3) Hera

    4) 1PRen

    5) Luke

    6) 2PRen

    7) Lucas

    8 ) Adult!Daniel (Cuz why not? XD)

    9) Amy

    10) Elle


    1) 6 Wakes you up in the middle of the night (s)he's drunk.. What do you do?
    o-o Sloooowly run downstairs to safety and possibly get my dad's unused cane.

    2) You're having a sleep over with 3, 9, and 7 and you end up playing "One Hour In Heaven". What happens?
    Well, Amy's going to be kept away from the game... Hera's probably not going to have any part in it... And that leaves Lucas and I. o-o

    3) 1 announces to everyone that (s)he's going to marry 9. Reactions?
    Me: ...Psi go home you're drunk. ._.
    Psi: D:

    4) 4 and 9 are fighting over 3. Who wins?
    Hera would end up clobbering both of them with a golf club. XD

    5) 7 walks in on 2 and 10 doing the "Dirty" Reactions?
    Lucas: Selfcest--

    6) 8 and 3 break up what do you do to comfort them?
    Nothing. I'd be too busy hiding from Daniel's rage. QAQ

    7) 3 and 4 have a major disagreement and start to get violent. 5 walks by, what does (s)he do?
    Luke: ... *Keeps walking* >_>

    Cool 2 has to pick between 1, 7, 8. Who does (s)he pick?
    Mikaru: ...Daniel. He'd be an interesting partner I suppose.

    9) 5 Hates you. Why?
    I'm clingy. >3>

    10) 6 Asks you out. What do you say?
    Me: ._. No.
    2PRen: Good. -3- That was a dare.

    11) 3 is in Love with 10. How does 4 help to hook them up?
    1PRen: The fuck am I supposed to do?! I don't do relationships! >:I

    12) 1 is starting to get into your "Personal Bubble". What do you do?
    Me: *Casually pushes Psi away*
    Psi: D:

    13) Your at a sleep over with 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and you're being forced to pair up with someone to sleep with. Who do you choose?
    Amy. -3- I can protect her from Lucas that way.

    14) While you guys are sleeping that person rolls on top of you unconsciously. What do you do?
    Chuckle and hug her. XD She's so cute~

    15) Same question except with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Who do you choose?
    Daniel. He's a cuddler~! ouo

    16) Same stuff, except (s)he's fully awake and conscious. What do you do?
    o////////o Pretend I'm asleep and hope nothing happens.

    17) 5 and 6 get it "On" who tops?

    18) 1 and 10?
    Hard to say... .3. Elle?

    19) How about 2 and 7?
    Mika. Definitely Mika. XDDDD

    20) You wake up in the morning in bed with 3. What happened?
    I don't know and I don't wanna know. o-o

    21) 1 is in the hospital, why?

    22) Out of 1, 2, 3 who would you Date? Sleep With? Marry?
    Fuck-- CURSE MY HAREM.
    Date- Psi
    Sleep With- Mika
    Marry- Hera

    23) Same question except, 4, 5,6 Date? Sleep With? Marry?
    Date- 1P
    Sleep With- Luke
    Marry- 2P

    24) Again, cause ya know it's fun! 7, 8, 9.Date, Sleep with? Marry?
    Date- Lucas
    Sleep With- ...Daniel.
    Marry- Amy (God damn it-- SHE'S NINE. >:U]

    25) 10 is sad, what do you do to comfort him/her?
    Bring in Night. ouo

    26) You just walked in on 3/6 "doing things" *WINKWINK*, your reaction?
    ...*Walks out* Nope.

    27) You're at the movies with 1, they grab your hand. Reaction?
    Well, depends on what kind of movie it is. Horror, I'd be clinging to her already. Anything else, I'm fine with it. .3.

    28) 4 gets into a fight with 7, what started it?
    Lucas was being a cocky bastard. XDD

    29) You're walking home from school with 1, they faint from a fever, where do you take them?
    To my house of course! DX Poor Psi!

    30) Karaoke with 2! What's the first song that you duet?
    Mika doesn't sing though-- XD

    31) Camping with 4,5,6! Write at least 3 sentences on what happens.
    Well, 1P manages to kill a bear. Luke stays in the tent the whole time.
    And 2P goes fishing. XD

    32) Your electricity AND water go out when you get home! You need to get it repaired, but it takes two days and one night. 4 and 8 offer you a place to stay for the time being, who do you choose?
    I think I'd be better off with Daniel, even though he's tempermental. .3.

    33) You get into an argument with 10, why?
    I told her to do something and she flipped. .3.

    34) It's your birthday! What does 7 get you as a gift?
    ...I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. ene

    35)After your encounter with 3/6, you run to the room down the hall to cool your head, but you run into 1/9 "doing things" too. Your reaction?
    FUCK THIS SHIT-- *Jumps out the window*

    36) AN HOUR IN HEAVEN, you get 2. What do you two do?
    Absolutely nothing. ._.

    37) You're watching a scary movie with 3. What happens?
    Hera flips out and uses me as a pillow. I get a face full of breasts. ._.

    38) You catch 5 doing something embarassing! What are they doing?
    He was probably messing with the bite mark on his shoulder. (And finding out it's a bigger e-zone than his ahoge for some odd reason. XD)

    39) You're with 2,4,6, at an amusement park! Where does 2 drag everyone?
    She tends to go on roller coasters a lot.

    40) Refer to Q39 : What does 4 want to ride?
    The haunted house ride of course. XD

    41) 3,5,10 start a band! What do they name it?
    I don't know. XDD But Elle would quit almost immediately if she were told what to sing or play.

    42) 8&9, who tops?
    Daniel. ._.

    43) 2&1, again, who tops?
    Mika. XD

    44) You're at 4's house, the lights go out! What happens?
    Me: *Squeak* QAQ
    1PRen: ...Fuck.

    45)You're on vacation with 2,3,5. Apparently, they booked the hotel room wrong and got a one bed room. 5 orders a seperate bed for themself, 2 sleeps on the floor. You're sleeping with 3 tonight, reaction?

    46) 3,5 and 9 drag you to a Haunted House on halloween! At least 3 sentences on what's going on<3
    Amy's laughing like an idiot. Luke is screaming. Hera is using me as a safety blanket.

    47) You're angry with 10! Why?
    She stole all my yellow shirts. >:I

    48) You're with 1 at the beach, you suddenly cut your foot! How do they react?
    Psicopatia: D: Eeeew!!
    Me: Help. DX

    49) You're sick, would 9 come to help?
    She'd bring flowers. ouo

    50) If you could have a one night stand with ANY of the 10 chosen, who would it be?
    ...Daniel. XD

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