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    Shimeji Shenanigans

    Post by Our Immortal Lives on April 7th 2013, 6:37 pm

    Psi: *Sitting in the corner*
    Stein: *Sits beside Psi* o3o
    Psi: ._.
    Stein: o3o *Le starts climbing*
    Psi: ... *Follows*

    Dorian: *Chasing a Stein*
    Psi: *Has disappeared*
    Conclusion: Dorian thinks Stein stole Psi.

    Psi: *Reappears*
    Stein1: *Immediately chases Psi*
    Dorian: *Standing there idly*
    Stein2: *Climbs up the other wall
    Dorian: *Sits on the left side of the screen*
    Psi: *About to go to the left wall; sees Stein1 and flees to the right*
    Stein2: *Continues climbing*
    Dorian: *Runs to the right side and sits there instead*
    Stein1: *Falls and sits*
    Psi: *Falls in front of Dorian; begins walking over to Stein1, stops, and quickly starts climbing up the right wall*
    Stein1: *Sits by Dorian*
    Dorian: *Walks to the left side of the screen and stands there*
    Psi: *Eyeing Dorian suspiciously*
    Stein1: *Walks a bit farther right and sits*
    Stein2: *Climbing to the left side of the screen*
    (Jeez, a lot happened)

    Dorian: *Climbs after Psi*
    Psi: *Falls*
    Stein1: *Runs off; comes back ; walks off again and sits* (Make up your mind omfg)
    Dorian: *Climbing the ceiling*
    Stein2: *Climbing away*
    Psi: *Walks past Stein1*
    Stein2: *Falls* and ambushes Psi*
    Psi: *Runs off and sits by Stein1*
    Stein2: *Sits in front of Psi*
    Stein1: *Flops onto the ground*
    Stein2: *Runs off*
    Dorian: *Falls on top of Stein2*
    Psi: *Multiplies!*
    Psi2: *Goes after Dorian who is going after Stein2*
    Stein1: *Crawls about two steps*
    Stein2: *Starts chasing Psi2 instead*
    (Holy cow you guys are active)

    Psi2: *Falls, walks a bit, and sits down*
    Stein2: *Still climbing*
    Stein1: *Being all creepy with his scalpel*
    Camy-rin: *Accidentally makes Stein2 fall while trying to click a tab*
    Psi2: *Multiplies!*
    Psi3: *Jumps onto the wall*
    Stein1: *Jumps onto the other wall*
    Camy-rin: *Resets all shimejis*
    Dorian: *Chasing Psi*
    Stein: *Flops on the ground again*

    Stein: *Examines his scalpel*
    Dorian: *Falls, runs over to the right side of the screen, and sits*
    Stein: *Runs farther over and sits*

    [Child of Ice (probably)]

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